Monday, July 12, 2010

Keep calm and carry on

Well, maybe I was a little naive when I thought everything would turn out as planned.

On Sunday morning, my friend Ilkay picked me up outside the musem in Amasya and took me out to the dig house. The drive out there was beautiful and I was feeling excited and nervous. Upon arriving at the dig house, I soon was introduced to the director of the project. The problem arose when he asked me if I had a work permit. I didn't have one. I had thought since I was volunteering, I wouldn't need one. So, long story short, it's looking like I won't be joining the team at Oluz Hoyuk and unless we can get a research visa for work at Ulucak Hoyuk (which is pretty unlikely), I won't be joining that team either. The upside is that if I come back next summer I will know better what I need to join an excavation.

So at this point, it seems my adventure over here will not last the three months that was originally planned, but that I'll spend the rest of this month (possibly longer, possibly shorter) travelling around Turkey on my own, but having the oppurtunity to visit with some friends who I met on my trip here in 2007 and visiting with friends of my parents.

Apart from the occassional panic attacks, I am generally optimistic about this change of plans. Things may be rough, but with my trust in God, he'll take care of me. Prayer would be good though as I try to understand where I'm going next, and as I struggle against my anxiety.

"Hello hurricane, you can't silence my love"



  1. Remember to "Be still...."
    We know that God wanted you in Turkey this summer so we wait excitedly to see what He has in store!

  2. I am really sorry to hear this - such a disappointment. I wish I was still there - I would love to show you around and have you camp with me in Ankara, where I use to live, or on the Black Sea where I use to live. bless you and your time there. I know that God has much to show you while you are there Kathryn - I know that He did not take you there for naught. Praying for you.

  3. You seem to be handling this turn of events so well. Much better than even I would!! That's a testament to your character!! Know your neighbours are thinking of you in your adventures!