Thursday, July 8, 2010

Leaving Today

Well, today is the day. My pack is packed, my checklist is nearly all checked off, insurance is set, emails have been sent, last music purchases all put on my ipod...and you know, all those other preparations done. The next 40ish hours will be very exciting, and will conclude with me arriving in Amasya (Saturday morning) where I'll spend the day and night before heading to the first site on Sunday.

An early objective into my arrival in Amasya will be trying to find a guitar or stringed instrument of some sort I can buy. My beautiful guitar here I will miss very much over the next couple of months, and I do believe I would go crazy if I didn't have a stringed instrument to play.

I spent a couple of hours over the weekend putting together a travel playlist. Basically I took all my favourite cds (nearly all my cds), picked a favourite song and put it on the playlist. A very broad range of music it represents. A few examples of songs on the list:

Feeling the Pull - The Swell Season
Dark Come Soon - Tegan and Sara
Miss You Know - Elliot Brood
Flights - Julie Fader
Ocean and a Rock - Lisa Hannigan
Lost in the Valley - Rose Cousins
Burn Out Bright - Switchfoot
Lions of the Kalahari - Sam Roberts
Ghosts - Laura Marling

I'll put it on shuffle on the plane and enjoy where the music takes me.

Only a few more hours 'til I'm at the airport! Better get the little last minute things done!


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